Tie and the Family Stone…

Orange kitchen in background

Correc-TIE-on: I was not robbed on Wednesday. I have been informed that a robbery is an instance where the perpetrator and victim are both present. I was burglarized. Perp = Here! Victim = Absent! OK, then, the asshole/punk/scumbag that I mentioned yesterday is a burglar, not a robber. My apologies to him and his proud family (of fellow a-holes/punks/scumbags).

My Tie du Jour is again from Ted Baker. I found this last week at Crossroads Trading Company here on Sherman in Evanston. They buy a lot of cool clothes, via a pretty good vetting process. Their prices are generally higher than a proper thrift store, but the overall quality is much higher. So, a rack of clothes will have a larger percentage of buy-able stuff. This tie was even half-price, so it was $6.25, I think. Well worth pairing with this Banana Republic shirt (which, by the way, had a twin at the very same Crossroads yesterday).

Anyway, the Ted is brown and orange and purple, which sounds like a train wreck on paper…but it’s damn good-lookin’, don’t you agree?

So, I am a day behind my blogging, and I apologize. I know, I know, I was rob…burglarized, so I can’t be counted on to blah-blah-blog about a tie. But, it’s fun for me, and I need it. I hope that I never stop thanking thee, O dear reader, for thy patronage.

Sorry, for the shortie today, folks. Thanks for reading…Brooke


2 Responses to “Tie and the Family Stone…”

  1. vince Says:

    My apologies to him and his proud family!!!!! LMAO!

  2. Billie Says:

    I can’t believe you were burglarized! I’m glad you weren’t home when it happened and that nobody was hurt.

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