Tie me a river…

I was robbed.

Three simple syllables. Sometimes they convey a feeling of being slighted, by a prospective employer or by a panel of award judges. In my case, it goes deeper than the ‘we wuz robbed’ category; my new apartment was broken into yesterday. My laptop (recently backed up, incredibly), camera (obsolete) and my wedding ring (um…) were taken, along with the 100% great-to-ecstatically perfect feeling that I have had about my new place. The robber–burglar, thief, asshole, punk…take your pick–was too stupid to take a couple of things that were really valuable in here, so I have chosen to take a lighter view upon the situation. Funny is how I roll.

And so, I beg you, dear reader, to forgive me for not posting yesterday’s tie until now. Without further ado, or further larceny, I present the Tie du Yesterday. It’s from Jones New York, and it’s definitely one of my favorites. I think this may be one of the most photogenic of my ties, at least so far. My flash-less iPhone camera makes it look metallic to me in this shot…

The Evanston Chamber hosted its monthly Business After Hours, so I had to get into full peacock mode. I hope this ensemble passes muster.

At last night’s event, I was able to snap a couple shots of Guys With Ties…

Here’s the President of the Chamber’s Board of Directors, Randy Usen. He’s a Senior VP at Evanston’s First Bank & Trust, and he’s been great to get to know during my time here at the Chamber. He sports some great ties, and this multi-blue striped number is no exception.

Next is one of my bestest buds, Paul Hletko. Don’t ‘hlet’ that loosely tied, unbuttoned shirt fool you…he really doesn’t like the suit/tie look. He is a man of many talents and careers: mild-mannered patent attorney by day, he also is the founder of Custompbox, a maker of custom guitar effect pedals. He’s also a guitarist for The Canfields, my favorite band, and he distills fine spirits in the comfort of his own home.

Well, gotta run…thanks for reading. Brooke


5 Responses to “Tie me a river…”

  1. ModFruGal Says:

    Yikes…that sucks!

  2. Dan Says:

    That really bites. I am so sorry.

  3. Vicki Says:

    Sorry to hear that you were burgled. That truly does suck. Do you think they were scared off by your ties and left before they could take all of the valuables?

  4. Brady Says:

    So that’s horrible! At least you weren’t home when it happened, and you’re safe.

    I’m just reading this now (Friday evening), so you can ignore the e-mails I sent you this week for a while. You’ve got bigger stuff on your plate.

  5. CP Says:

    Dude – not cool. Sorry to hear about that!!!

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