With this ring I thee red…

Ah, the penultimate day of Red Tie Week. Well, we’ve got a good one today, one of my favorite ties; definitely my favorite red. I had a couple of big sales calls to make, so I needed to look my best. I was at Autobarn Nissan, asking about sponsoring our biggest yearly event, the Fountain Square Art Festival, and I went to Target (great time to be in the middle of Red Tie Week) to talk up the Chamber.

Red, white & blue on Tax Day

Our Tie du Jour is a Daniel Milano; comes from TJMaxx, but this brand seems to be among the highest-priced labels over there. Yes, that is like saying someone is King of the Dipshits, but I can tell it’s good quality. Good feel, perfect knot, and the texture is great. The solid red field that you see in the photo is actually tiny red & white checks (the world’s smallest picnic tablecloth). The tie, she pops; the tie, she shines.

I actually have a preview of a tie that I’ll be wearing next week, most likely Tuesday (why Tuesday? I don’t know, it just came to me). I may have mentioned this, but when I wore the knit tie (FULL-FASHIONED CROCHETED RAYON), I showed it to my friend Sarah Burghardt (who so happens to be dating my stepson Steven). I wanted to ask how hard it would be to knit a tie, thinking I could learn and fire one up by the end of Project 100D100T. Ha! In reality, I was hoping that she would take pity on me, realizing that learning to knit at 41 was not a likely happenstance.

Lucky for me and all possible happenstances, Sarah is, besides being a quick knitter, a very generous individual. She did knit me a tie for my birthday. She blogged about it here, with a great picture. Looking forward to wearing it, Sarah!

CultRef  Corner: UB40’s “Red Red Wine” was a hit in 1983. While the song has always been quite popular, what may not be as well-known is the fact that Neil Diamond wrote it. I wonder how his other tunes would sound when performed by a reggae/ska band such as UB40. Hopefully we shall never have to find out. Enjoy the cheesy video.

Alas, tomorrow is the last day of Red Tie Week. Thanks for reading…Brooke


3 Responses to “With this ring I thee red…”

  1. susan raden Says:

    There are actually a few of us who remember Neil Diamond’s version of Red Red Wine – as well as list same among their favorite beverages….Love the blog, Brooke!

  2. Sarah B. Says:

    Yay! I can’t wait until Tuesday’s post!

  3. Carol O. Says:

    Love the blog Brooke…had to play catchup when I heard about it but the posts were well worth it! Thanks for the UB40 reference. Brought me right back to the University of Iowa & simpler times.

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