A redtime story…

Once upon a time, there was a young boy who went to a new school for junior high. The principal, a short man who never blinked, made all the boys wear blue pants, white shirts and blue ties. Until 8th grade, that is, when the boys could wear whatever tie they wanted. This was good because these boys had begun puberty, and were beginning to have sweaty armpits; the ties focused the attention of the girls from the sister school on their ties and not their sweaty armpits. Then the boys went off to the big high school, where they could wear any shirt-pants-tie combo that they wished. This hardly helped, as the aforementioned puberty did little for their fashion sense. The aforementioned sister school girls had a much more enlightened sense of fashion, and they pointed and laughed at the high school boys. The boys thought they were really cool, and spent 3.75 years trying to impress at least one of the girls. Then, when it came time, they put all of this experience in matching ties with shirts into good use by spending $100 on renting a black&white tuxedo. Can’t spell ‘good times’ without T-I-E. Or ‘teen drinking’…

Well, we’ve rounded the turn of Red Tie Week, and are heading for the homestretch. My fable there probably won’t make Aesop’s tome, but it does show that I’ve got a little giddy-up this evening. So, let’s get down to the Tie du Jour.

Paisley from the House of Flintstone

My featured strip of fabric may, in fact, have been part of my high school tie-learning process. Pretty sure we’ve had it for years. I say ‘we’ because my brother, Grant (it’s his birthday today!) was three years behind me at Christian Brothers in Memphis, and inherited my ties. Then, a bunch of ’em stayed in the house for years on my Dad’s tie rack. He wore ties to work, with less frequency as time marched on. The ties survived, making a retirement move to Florida, and basically gathering dust, as they are not a requisite part of the golf & pool ensemble (at least not in the past several decades).

The label says Hawkes & Keynes, London, but my guess is that my folks picked it up from a London street vendor. While the pattern is kinda cool–the paisleys seem to have been created in blue Sharpie and yellow Hi-Liter–there isn’t much liner going on. When you don a really quality tie, you can tell by the knotting, and just kind of how it flows between your hands. Hard to explain.

Anyway, I put this with a new (to me) suit that I found at the Hadassah House Resale Shop, at 5020 W. Dempster in Skokie. It’s from Yves Saint Laurent, a beautiful brown Glen plaid (aka Prince of Wales check) with a red (what else? It’s RED! TIE! WEEK!) stripe cutting through it. Throw in a blue scarf-cum-pocketsquare, and I was in bidness.

Honestly, Abe, is that a clip-on?

A couple mornings per week I volunteer to help with a reading discussion group in my daughter’s 3rd-grade class at Lincoln School. This morning I was greeted by a statue of a man in a tall suit, which was topped off by a large tie. Yes, Abe Lincoln makes the Guys With Ties section today. Not sure if this was the bow tie fashion of the day, but Mr. Penny/Mr. Five-Dollar Bill was the leader of the free world…well, save for the other half of his own counry.

Since we had a sort of cultural reference bit in this posting already (the Glen plaid), let’s keep it short…

Red Dawn (1984), a movie made during the years for fears brought to you by Ronald Reagan, is an action film based on a fictional occupation of parts of the US, brought on by the Soviet Union (I linked you to the Soviet’s Wiki page, because we now have college-age students who have no clue what the USSR is), Cuba and their allies. Patrick Swayze & Charlie Sheen, among others, portray high schoolers who escape the initial assault, only to become engaged in guerrilla warfare against the baddies. Ladies & Gents…Red Dawn.

Wow, this was a long one…thanks for reading.



4 Responses to “A redtime story…”

  1. ModFruGal Says:

    Ha! I remember Red Dawn only too well…came out right after The Outsiders…loved it.

  2. Derek Says:

    Red Dawn was a good one (back then) and yes, had quite a few of the Outsiders “crew” in it.

  3. Lizzy Says:

    Ah, boys school. That explains the love of the tie.

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