Another hole in the red…

Despite my advancing age, I was able to remember Red Tie Week this morning when picking out my tie to wear. Kinda starts the day off well to pass such a test. You laugh, but in my first work day here at the flat (‘apartment’ has too many syllables), I forgot to shave; on the 2nd day, I went out the door deodorantless. I keep an extra at the office, thanks be to Mennen. Hmm, let’s file this paragraph under Too-Much-Information…

Doctor, I see spots...

All hygienic procedures aside, it’s Day 2 of Red Tie Week. The excitement is palpable, and today’s Tie du Jour from Bullock & Jones (whoa…the Geneva Stripe Shirt on the B&J home page is KILLER. whoa again…it’s $150) is a worthy addition to the week’s offerings. I found it at the Salvation Army store at Kedzie & Chicago Avenue, right here in Evanston, and probably paid $2-3, a steal. The shirt is a vintage Marshall Field’s with French cuffs…pretty fun to pair up with this tie and a red pocket scarf that I have…

I have another addition to Guys With Ties…Mark Daniels, a fellow Dad at Lincoln School, is lookin’ straight into the sun. Thank goodness he’s borrowed my sunglasses…his striped tie and shirt combo look pretty good with his unnecessary raincoat. Perhaps he’s celebrating Charcoal Tie Week at his house.

Mark ponders joining Red Tie Week festivities

Day 2’s Cultural Reference Corner centers on Red Buttons, a Borscht-Belt comedian who seems to have been a regular on the Friar’s Club Roasts during their heyday. This video of his roast of Frank Sinatra is worth a few laughs…plus the cavalcade of 60s/70s comedy stars is pretty fun to see.

I’d like to mention again how amusing it has been to keep this going. A lot of you have told me that you’re enjoying it, in person and in comments. Y’all are a main reason that I know I’ll keep going. Pretty sure this one is Tie No. 21. Pretty sure that No. 22 will be red, too…if I remember Red Tie Week, that is.

Thanks for reading…Brooke


One Response to “Another hole in the red…”

  1. Cousin Elizabeth Says:

    Go Red Tie Week! You crack me up Brooke. That tie looks more Flintstone-esk orange on my screen than red, but I will take your word for it.

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