Better off Red…

Discovery Channel has Shark Week. Due to budget constraints, and a not-so-surprising lack of Killer White footage, 100 Days, 100 Ties merely has Red Tie Week to offer. So there.

I have an inordinate number of red ties…I am perfectly capable of counting this high, but I would guess that I have 10-12 ties that are red-majority, and most of those are relatively simple. If I don’t do some sort of conglomeration offering them as the Ties du Jour, then there will be a backup near the end of the project. And who wants that?

Red. Tie. Repeat.

Today’s offering is a rather simple silk tie from Brooks Brothers. A patterned duo of red tones with small flowers in twoshades of blue. Pair it up with my blue shirt for one of my most conservative looks; of course I have added a red/white pocket square (okay, okay, it’s a small scarf) as well as a pair of Murano glass cuff links to lessen the right-leaning undertone.

And, looking over the Guys With Ties file, I see that this past Friday, I snapped a shot of

Next time I'll say 'Smile' BEFORE I take the pic.

Taji Jacob, who works for a firm, Pension Specialists, that subleases office space here at Chamber Inter-Galactic HQ (thx AC). As luck would have it, he was sporting a red tie, apparently giddy with anticipation for RTW.

All this talk about Red has me thinking about one of my favorite comedies, “Midnight Run.” One of the many fantastic scenes finds our heroes at Red’s Corner Bar. Consider this the first of many cultural reference lessons of (altogether now, with your best ‘Wheel of Fortune’ shouting voice) RED! TIE! WEEK!

Thanks for sharing my enthusiasm, or at least enduring it, for la semaine des cravattes rouges!

And, as always, thanks for reading…Brooke


One Response to “Better off Red…”

  1. Dad Says:

    Another good job of astute word jockification or some such. ( He’s my boy, in case anyone see this). And you’re right, the roast was funny, though I couldn’t remember the names of some, especially Orson Welles.

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