He red, she said…

Happy TieDay, everyone. Weather-wise, it looked a little shady to start, but then a ray of sunshine appeared and made it a great day. Amazing how one little thing at the beginning of the day just sets the tone…

The final RTW tie

The Tie du Jour fits perfectly on a casual Friday: a skinny, red, vintage number from Arrow. The pattern on the stripe and the blackish-reddish mix (where it looks black in the pic) can only be accomplished via the magic of synthetic fabric. Anyway, I wasn’t sure that this was the same Arrow that puts out men’s dress shirts, but the label also says Cluett, Peabody & Co, Inc., which can trace its operations back over 150 years. This tie is NOT that old; it’s 50 years old, tops…

Cultural Reference Corner: Baton Rouge, Louisiana. A city very close to my heart, my mom grew up about 40 miles away; my father was raised in New Orleans, about two hour’s drive, unless you’re Cajun, in which it would take merely an hour. Baton Rouge is translated to “Red Stick.” French explorer d’Iberville named it after finding that the Native Americans had marked their hunting territory with a large, red cypress stick.

Peace, ties and sunglasses!

We have a couple of Guys With Ties to write about here. The first is Chuck Johnson, who found it necessary to honk at me, with his entire family in tow, and plow across a lane of traffic to say hi. Come to think of it, that’s my kind of friend. Chuck and I were fraternity brothers at U. of Illinois, and he recently moved to Evanston, which is nice. He brought his family, which is nicer.

Next is my boss, Jonathan Perman. That link goes to his bio on the Chamber website, where he is not sporting a tie, ironically. I do like the fact that he is celebrating Red Tie Week, though. And just for shitsengiggles, here’s my profile…I’M sporting a tie. Yes, it’s my same picture as this blog one.

Well, it’s always sad to see a good thing end…but end it must. Thus, I bid adieu to the 1st Fifth Annual Red Tie Week.


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