A phrase you never thought you’d read…

If you thought the Little Brick Shirt House label was good, you’re going to love this one. Four words, innocuous enough when solo, creating a collective oxymoron: Full Fashioned Crochet Rayon.

In case you didn't realize fashion could be fractional. It's FULL FASHIONED!

Those words just roll off the tongue, don’t they? Well, someone at the Wembley Necktie company thought it would. It’s one thing to claim the level of fashion, another to admit that something is crocheted, much less rayon. I know they didn’t have this movie quote from ‘Animal House’–90RAYON–to help them know about rayon’s unhipness, but still…

Tie #6

Rayon = stay on

Anyway, this is my only knit tie, and thanks to the Wembley copywriter, we know it was crocheted out of England’s finest and most fully-fashionable rayon. It’s a great blue with grey slanted stripes, and it reminds me of my high school days. Yep, at Christian Brothers High School in Memphis, I had to wear a tie to school every day. After 4 years of such suppression by ‘The Man’ I don’t know how I came to like wearing ties by now. I’d call it a maturity thing, but those of you who know me will call out my initials.

I have to admit that, after writing this blog for only a week, I missed it over the weekend. Probably a welcome break, but I definitely thought about which ties to wear this week. All of the feedback, even from Neil the Sassy British Fashion Wizard, was very welcomed, and it is quite motivating.

Thanks for reading. Welcome to the 2nd week of 100 Days, 100 Ties.



One Response to “A phrase you never thought you’d read…”

  1. Michael Says:

    Love it. Boom Shak A La.

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