Every picture tells a story…

…but every tie? Not so much.

With several of my ties, there are personal histories attached, and I’m sure there are even forgotten tales that have long since been detached. In the first week it’s been easy to grab ones with a story; today I purposefully chose one without.

Something Old, Nothing New, Something Resale, Something Blue

Tie No. 7 is a brand, ISACO, that I’ve never heard of. I just liked the color, a deep royal blue, and thought it would go well with some of my shirts. I bought this at Unique Thrift Store, at Western & Howard sometime last fall. All of their ties are 99 cents, and, depending on the color of their tag, can be 25-50% off.  Good chance this tie was 50 cent (with a tie this cheap, it should definitely not be pronounced Fitty-Cent).

I sported this look today at our monthly Networking Breakfast (NeBr) event. It was amusing that several people asked about 100 Days, 100 Ties, and even more fun that a couple of folks said they’d give me a tie for the blog.

A little bit on my job, for those of you who don’t know…I’m the Manager of Membership, Marketing & Development for the Evanston Chamber of Commerce. It is truly the first job I really love. It sounds corny to say, but I have a great time every day. Each day is very different from the last, and I’m bummed to leave at 7pm (heheh, yeah right, I never stay that late). It’s the complete opposite of my tenure in the banking industry, where creativity goes to die. The soul-sucking, monotonous routine really did a number on me. I probably should have said, “No comment,” but the big banks of the world can kiss my ascot.

Great bow tie, Dr Vince

Green on green...lookin' good, DFish

Back to the NeBr…a couple of guys were wearing some cool ties, and I thought I’d add a pic or two. I’ll call it my GuysWithTies section. Armed with my trusty roving iphone camera, I’ll try to show you what’s out there…

Be sure to read tomorrow…it’ll be a clip about a really fun tie that goes with a sad, store story. And, later this week, Thursday or Friday, I may give away the Tie du Jour. Just shows what a generous fella I am.

Thanks for reading…Brooke the Generous Fella


One Response to “Every picture tells a story…”

  1. vince Says:

    Thanks for the pic/shout out!

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