It’s all in a label…

A few years ago I was employed as a teaching aide in a preschool here in Evanston: the appropriately named School for Little Children. I’d love to think that I made an impression on the 20 of them in terms of caring, sharing and daring. However, the only instance that has been reported to me by more than one of the parents is something that I said all the time.

The kids often asked–about an art project, a Lego creation, or a tea party seating arrangement (trust me: NEVER seat Barbie next to Sock Monkey…just too much history there)–me if I liked something or other. My stock, smirked response was, “I don’t like it (pause to allow disappointment to set in)…I LOVE IT!” Eventually they knew it was coming, but we had a hit. Apparently this became the stock response for a couple of the kiddos when they got to kindergarten and beyond.

Thank goodness I didn’t answer, “Nah, that really sucks”, right?! Sometimes the mind works with you.

What a quaint little shi(r)t house!

Anyway, I don’t like the label on this tie…wait for it…did I ruin your day?…I LOVE IT. The Little Brick Shirt House?! Where is the Devon Style Center, and when can I go find the person responsible for this cheeky, spastically sarcastic name of their company? I wish to thank them for not taking themselves too seriously, while still knowing how to pick some great fabric for a tie.

The world's premier wrist model...available for parties!

I hope the pictures turn out well on this one. The label pic should be visible, but the pattern on this tie is fantastic. A brilliant red, almost crimson, interwoven with a yellow green, some black and a little blue and gray. Wow, that sounds terrible, written out like that, but it looks great. A pick up at the Unique Thrift Store at Western & Howard, just across the border from Evanston into Chicago.

Today’s ensemble even includes a matching watchband…a few months ago I found a Hilfiger watch set that included 4 colorful canvas bands. Doesn’t match the pattern, of course (perhaps only the tiemaker’s aunt’s couch does), but the red, green and dark blue are all represented.

Thanks for reading. Happy Friday.



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3 Responses to “It’s all in a label…”

  1. vince Says:

    The ‘U’!! What a shi(r)ty find. I don’t like it…
    Keep it up Brooke. This is great.

  2. ModFruGal Says:

    Lurv it…..

  3. Vicki Says:

    So is the tie built like a brick shirt house?

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