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Casual-Ties of War

May 28, 2010

Once again, it’s not only casual Friday, but it’s Freebie Friday! And, again, I forgot that today’s tie is up for grabs to the best commenter. One of these days I’ll actually pick a tie with FF in mind. Apparently, this one will be regretted for giving away. Oh, well…

Bluer than blue

The Tie du Jour, or Freebie du Friday, shall we say, is from Emile Lafaurie, a French designer whose wares are sold at Sean, a store with locations in New York, the Hamptons, San Francisco, LA and Paris. I found the TdJ at the Salvation Army store on Kedzie in Evanston. That may be two days in a row from SA…

I’m afraid I’ve got nothing else…this will be the shortest post since day 1, before Tie No. 1 (this is Tie No. 55, by the way) even was chosen. Sorry, but the sunny weather outside is just not conducive to typing.

In advance of this Friday Freebie getting made available, I want to thank last week’s contestants, Nicole Colin and Elizabeth Brehm. Not only were they a part of the first contested FF, they were really gracious in winning (Elizabeth) as well as falling just short of victory (Nicole).

Thanks for reading…Brooke