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Forget me knot

October 19, 2011

Good brain, bad brain. It seems that the latter seems to be making itself known a lot more, at least in my world. I don’t even have the commercially-fueled image of “This is your brain on drugs” to blame my mental ineptitude on. Just duh-lightful.

My cousin (and GWT alum) Beaux Jones sent a query via Facebook the other week, asking if I had suggestions on proper tie storage. I think his question was based on his assumption that there were better places than a closet floor.

Yes, Beaux, there are many places that are better than the floor, even for storing ties. I employ a few methods. I have a wire rack that hangs like a coat hanger, and can store about 10-20 ties. I also have an extending rack (that’s what he said) with individual pegs (on which I hanged up to 3 ties). It attaches to the closet rod (watch it), and holds 30-90 ties. Thanks to another GWT alum, Dr. Vince Roberts, I have a Fast Track tie rack. Vince either wasn’t using it, or he found it at a resale shop. It revolves pretty slowly, but is a pretty good way to hang 50 ties or so.

So, young Beaux, count your ties and buy something that will hold double that number. A collection will grow, right? Then, as you approach the max number for your tie rack, you can either purge some rarely-worn strips, or you can just get another rack.

Caption Ron

Off the old-man tie-wisdom, and on to the Tie du Jour. It’s from Studio Ron Chereskin, and it’s a big orange paisley beauty. Great material, and it tied really well. I picked this up at the Salvation Army in Skokie. Speaking of SA, I must say that I really miss the one that was on Kedzie here in SE Evanston. Not only was it nice to drop stuff off there, but in case of a need, it was convenient to go in and take a quick look-see.

My next installment will include details on my new tie venture, the TieXchange. Can’t wait to share it with y’all.

Thanks for reading…Brooke