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Goodbye, Ruby Tiesday…

October 28, 2010

…Who could hang a name on you? / When you change with every new day / Still I’m gonna miss you

Do I really need to write down that this lyric is attributed to “M. Jagger; K. Richards”? Despite the fact that I will be smirk-shrugging in the months leading to their scheduled concert here next year (Do they really need to keep touring?), the Rolling Stones are one of my pantheon-level rock groups. None of the others are truly surprising: Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd. Although I don’t presently own the majority of their catalog (Brit. translation: catalogue), I just know that listening to them takes me back somewhere in my own timeline. Sure, there are other bands, some from that same era even, that I reach for when I want to listen to something, but love for these bands are shared across generations and regions. I love that WXRT still fires them up on a regular basis.

Guess I’ve been on a rock kick lately. Since I moved, I’ve been spending a lot more time listening to music, both here and live. That feeling was missed; luckily, one can never really be too old (or, rather, one should never feel too old) to let it loose and turn the volume up one too high.

So, after the thin, fairly weak Tie du Monday, I wore a much better crafted Tie du Jour on Tuesday. The label says Rosa, which googles to the Rosa Custom Ties shop in Midtown New York City. Wow, I didn’t realize that this wassuch a valuable ($95-$125) strip. It’s extremely well-made, and it knotted beautifully. The pattern is a green/yellow/white flower on a red field. Gorgeous, and I didn’t pay nearly as much. Another treasure, I guess.

Tuesday we held the Chamber’s monthly Networking Breakfast. We were hosted graciously by the Piccolo Theatre/Evanston Arts Depot. If you haven’t been to a production in the Main Street Metra train station, you need to go do that. It’s a truly interactive experience…there are perhaps 30-40 seats, and you’re right in the performers’ collective grill. Their holiday pantos are a blast, and this year’s version, Robin Hood, promises to be the same. Get on their site and get tix! The director of the Arts Depot organization (they are also responsible for the Custer’s Last Stand Festival of the Arts–aka Custer Street Fair), John Szostek, was wearing a SWEET purple paisley tie that I simply had to snap a shot of. John, welcome to Guys With Ties.

Thanks for reading…Brooke