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I Can’t Tell You Tie

May 18, 2011

Eagles! In ties!

I may as well stick with the Eagles for subject-title inspiration, as I think they’re one of the finer American bands from the 1970s (my first full decade). Think it’s great that they had a good ol’ fashioned feud, saying that they’d play together again when hell freezes over. Then, as history will tell you, that sweet sweet siren called Money sang to them, and thus they sang to us during the Hell Freezes Over tour.

My Tie du Jour is a vintage paisley from Sussex. Black with red and brownish amoebae swimmin’ around, it was saved from the donation pile and given to me by my friends Paul and Cease. Yes, it’s a Giddings Special. They gave me a bag of about 25 or 30 ties, with instructions to donate them on after wearing them (or not).

I may have hinted that I’m going to be doing something with my ties, and I can’t tell you details just yet. But, what I do know is that it will generate a lot of ties to donate, and I hope to find an organization that provides ties for young adults, and regular-aged adults, to have for job interviews, in case they can’t afford them. If anyone knows of such an organization, I’d appreciate an introduction.

Thanks for reading…Brooke