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New to Me

March 18, 2010

I’m often asked if a tie–or a shirt, or a suit–is new. Usually it’s not new, right off the rack, since I buy a relatively large percentage of my garb at various resale shops. But I like the feeling of a debut, a grand opening if you will, that comes with wearing something for the first time. One single comment (and believe me, that St Patty’s tie y’day procured several) is much appreciated.

Bon chic, bon genre...bon prix!

This is from BCBG, and really has some great stripes that fall into a sort of large plaid. Three or four blues and a purple go nicely right along some grayish earth tones. It was completely unlike any of the other ties at Marshall’s ($9 or so), and it is now completely unlike any on my tie rack.

My patronage of Marshall’s, TJMaxx and other discount stores comes honestly, through good old-fashioned genes. My Mom & Dad have to be one of their biggest supporters, nationwide. Before they both got iPhones (about 2 years before I did…they’re very cutting-edge retirees) and could GPS their way anywhere, they would call me on driving trips and ask to google for the address of one of these places in the nearest city. “Brooke, could you find out if there’s a TJMaxx in Paducah–and tell us how to get there?” “Um, sure, Mom, please allow me to stop working so that you may better the economy of Western Kentucky…” Who’s the child of whom here?

Speaking of iPhones, I have to say my camera has come through the past couple of days…it probably knew it was on the verge of losing out to an older camera. These gadgets are all talking to each other, you know…

Thanks for reading…Brooke