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Tie Summer

August 19, 2016

As will become obvious as 100D100T makes its way back into the world, I’m no longer wearing a tie every day. I see them every day, as there are about 400 that stare at me from my closet as I leave my bedroom.  


Pick me! Pick me!

You may recognize some of these from years ago. Many have been–gasp!–worn again. But, there was a newer tie that was selected for a Wednesday meeting that deserved a little dressing up. 

how you doin?

A nice little lime green with blue, white and black thrown on there. Does a body good. 

We have some TV Guys With Ties, too. Pardon The Interruption’s Tony Kornheiser looking pretty summery…

…but I wish the tie had interrupted a little more. 

And here is Laurence Fishburne, looking very un-FBI in Hannibal…


You pick the blue tie, your story ends…


There will be some great ties from Hannibal Lecter…Mads Mikkelsen is an amazing specimen. 

Thanks for reading…Brooke