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Can’t spell “Footie” without T-I-E

August 13, 2016

Well, that title is pretty obvious, and I probably used it before. Shock Barclays Premier League champions Leicester City were, well, shocked by recently promoted Hull City, 2-1. #HCvsLC One gorgeous goal and one perfect cleanup strike trumps a PK. You could say that Leicester were Leicestered. #sogoaheadsayit

Leading our enjoyment at the breaks were Robbie Earle & Robbie Mustoe, aka The 2 Robbies (@The2RobbiesNBC) on NBC Sports Network (although, for historical accuracy, I should say that the matches today can be found on CNBC, likely due to the bribes proffered by the then-wealthy Brazilian government to the International Olympic Committee). 

While today was rather muted, it was quite blue in tone, perhaps in honor of Leicester, who find themselves in last place two hours into the new campaign. 

Let’s start with Robbie, version 1.Mustoe.  

You’re hired, kid!

 It’s much better than many of his ensembles from last year. Still, it’s kind of first-job-interview-after-college-y. I’ll save the #dressinthedark hashtag for wintertime, while remaining hopeful that the return of reigning fashion champion Kyle Martino will keep @robbiemustoe trending up-table. 

Heading mid-desk, Robbie Earle has commandeered new Belgium manager Roberto Martinez’s favorite look from this summer’s Euro coverage. 

A mustache-ready look

 This richly textured blue suit (#whyweloveHD) would help any tie pop, and the Earl of Earle shows that he will be up for a fight in this year’s best TV Tie. 

Keep coming back to 100 Days, 100 Ties this season. I’ll have my ties, Mai Tais, political ties, sports ties, friends’ ties…plus I’ll be giving away 100 (#atleast) of them, hopefully with your help.

Thanks for reading…Brooke


Curl up and tie…

October 26, 2010

It’s Halloween week, which means it’s just about the time that the major department stores are putting up Christmas decorations. It also means scary things, like death, full-force gales, Terry Bradshaw’s bulbous head in HD and talking politics ahead of the elections.

A lot of people would add board meetings to that list, but the one on Monday kicked off the week quite well. The night ended with a double celebration of sorts. The Celebrate!Evanston gala affair, put on by the Evanston Community Foundation, was, as its name (and strategically-placed, though grammatically-incorrect, exclamation point) suggests, a celebration of the ECF’s commitment to Evanston non-profits and programs.

At the event, I did manage to recruit one new members of the Guys With Ties clan: Joe Flanagan. In addition to being one of Evanston’s most generous philanthropists, he’s Chairman & CEO of Evanston-based Acquirent, one of the star companies of the local business scene. He will also soon be a neighbor of ours, as the Chamber is moving office later this week (more on that later).

My Tie du Jour left a little to be desired (especially given Joe’s sweet Ferragamo tie). It’s dark dark navy or perhaps even black, with some nice paisley going on. The label says ‘Jet-Set’ which is I’m sure an English-worded label that the cheap-ass tie designer decided to use to shill his cheap-ass wares in Italy. My parents brought this back, years and years ago, from a trip to Europe. It was in the regular rotation between my brother and me, during high school tie-wearin’ days, and then it kind of stayed in cold-storage in Dad’s closet before making its way back to Evanston. It is not very well-made, and so I avoided it for a while. When I took it off it fell on the floor, and now it’s beyond repair because it is so thin. Oh, and it was stepped on a couple of times. Now, look at it…despite its ruffled, tousled appearance, it will forever be Tie No. 150.

Thanks for reading…Brooke!Saucier