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Get a girl, with faraway ties…

October 28, 2010

Well, why don’t we stick with the Rolling Stones song theme (by the way, I loveloveLOVE the opening segment of “Faraway Eyes”, with Mick doing his redneck impression) for at least another day. Who knows, could be their last…you never know when being a 240-year old rock-n-roller will catch up to you. That Grim Reaper is one vindictive son-0f-a-bitch, and I think he’s been pissed that Keith has been dressing like him all these years.

My Tie du Jour is, at first glance, a fairly simple TdJ from Paul Fredrick. Big blue stripe. Big brown stripe. Little light blue stripe dividing the aforementioned big brown and big blue stripes. But it’s the texture that gets me. It’s a quality fabric all around that catches different lights in different ways.

Yesterday I was sitting in the cozy new Other Brother Coffeehouse, and a someone walked in wearing a bow tie. I had just been telling my coffee colleague about 100D100T, so of course I felt obliged to ask him if I could take a picture. Steve, who works for Rotary International, was kind enough to agree to become the newest Guy With Tie.

Thanks for reading…Brooke