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I-L-L! Tie-N-I!

December 27, 2010

This is my first post that I have written out of order. Oh, I’ve been late a few times, but I forgot that, on Wednesday, I changed my tie after work. Strange but true.

See, I was going to meet some college friends. No, not friends who are now in college, but guys I went to University of Illinois with. We are all Pikes (the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity) together. The Illini were playing Missouri in basketball, and we wanted to get together and watch on a large screen TV and have beers brought to us. Luckily, there are about 3,000 places in the greater Chicago area that can accommodate our wishes.


So, for John, Chuck, Erick and Jerry, I broke out my special U of I tie. It was given to me by Robert “Pops” Hartz, Diane’s grandfather, who passed away about 10 years ago. He lived in Champaign, worked for the university, and was an absolutely great man. I’m glad I was able to put him and his tie on here.

In this picture, he’s not wearing a tie. It’s ironic, because I only saw him a couple of times without one. But, whoa, with that bomber’s jacket (he was a Navy pilot after a short stint as a  barnstormer) and Culver sweater, he’s more stylish than I could ever be.

Thanks for reading…Brooke

Special added bonus: Weekend Edition!

April 17, 2010

So, via the magic of wireless signals and the ingenuity, and chutzpah, of Al Gore (Version Junior), I get to sit at my laptop, in the privacy of my flat, sip coffee and peruse ties in what my Cajun family call caleçons.

My good friend Pat Hughes (check out his company, Inclusion Solutions…he’s an all-around great guy) turned me onto a tie designer located in Chicago–The Lee Allison Company. I dig the way the website plays out: when you look at a tie, they helpfully suggest others. The choice of fabrics is amazingly varied. Neckties are regularly priced at $90; bowties $52. That, as you probably can assume, is steep for thrifty old moi, but looking is free. They seemed to have over 100 tie styles (sound familiar?), even more with all the color choices within a particular pattern.

They have a loft studio in Bucktown…may have to take a field trip down there, if I can get my mom to sign my permission slip, that is.

The good, the bad, the worn.

While I sip on my coffee du jour, I’m pondering what I can do as 100 Days, 100 Ties marches on. It’s been wonderful having friends comment, on here and in person, and I am looking forward to getting some ties that are being sent. I got an idea the other day that I may need some help clarifying into a concept. I’d like to sell some ties for charity…not mine, really, I don’t think they’d go for much, but if I could get some celebrities, and maybe designers, to donate a tie or two, don’t you think a good cause could be helped? I’d love to hear your ideas…

And, where are my manners…in yesterday’s post, I forgot to say “Thanks for reading.” I’ll try not to let that courteslip-up happen again.

Thanks for reading (there, that’s better)…Brooke

Happy TieDay Eve!

March 15, 2010

When I added a new tie to my tie rack the other day, I wondered how many ties I own. I thought it’d be pretty cool to wear them all, at some point. So I came up with this idea: for the next 100 tie-wearing days (work days for me, along with any other tie-worthy day that may come up in the next 4 or 5 months), I’ll wear a different tie, and take a picture of it with or without the accompanying shirt. Perhaps I’ll tell a story about the maker, or where I got it, or some juicy tidbit from that day.  I don’t own 100 ties…yet.

No reason to tell you more about myself just yet, because, well, no one is reading.