Can’t spell “Interview” without T-I-E

Although this really isn’t a problem this year, it’s never good juju to mention the words “Cubs” and “playoffs” in the same sentence. Unless, of course, the rather vulgar phrase “no fucking way in hell” is involved in a rather meaningful way.

[Cue: peaceful music entwined with nature sounds]


Collar stays, Uncle Lou…collar stays!

Back before the Mike Quade era, when Sweet Lou Piniella took Chicago’s National League participant to back-to-back playoffs, fans actually got excited about the day-to-day happenings in the standings. Conversations between Cubites were careful to avoid the jinx, which would allegedly occur if one mused about a playoff appearance or–the horror–even advancing during stated appearance. Knocking on wood didn’t help, as they were feebly swept aside by the Dodgers and Diamondbacks, maybe or maybe not in that order. It’s just too painful to google it.

I, too, am going to avoid the jinx here today. I had a second interview for a great new job today, and I’m not going to mention where it was. See, maybe the jinx minx is susceptible to reverse psychology, and the job is mine! Well, at least it was a second interview; getting bonked after just one would be tantamount to a sweep, don’t you think?

Here are the two gorgeous ties that I sported this week. They are both from my newest favorite Californian, Hendrik. He owns Bows ‘N Ties, as well as Cheap Neckties, two amazing online purveyors of great ties. Hendrik had found my TieXchange website, and had inquired about its activeness. Being a great guy, he gave me a shopping spree on his sites. 


These beauties are from his Puccini label. I went in left-right order, in terms of my interviews. It’s a lock, wouldn’t you say? Believe me, there is nothing cheap about these ties…the fabric is stunning, the quality is very evident, and they tie really well. If you have ever tied a truly cheap tie, with its lame–or non-existent–lining, the lack of structure and staying-power is pretty defeating. However, these ties made a great knot, and really stuck around up at my collar. Check them out, if you get a chance.

I’ll let you know how everything turned out, once the statute of limitations on the jinx has ended.

Thanks for reading…Brooke


3 Responses to “Can’t spell “Interview” without T-I-E”

  1. davidcolker Says:

    Good luck.

    David Colker

  2. Mike Says:

    Good luck on your interviewing. Great looking ties. Both are quite bright. What happened to the days of the conservative repp-stripes ties?

  3. Root Bizzle Says:

    Thanks for starting the blog. Good stuff.

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