I cannot tell a tie…redux

Deadlines are good. Great actually. This may end up being my worst blog (yep, still hate the word), but it’ll feeeeeel good. Damn right I put 6 Es in there.

I’m scared to check my last post, but I’m sure it’ll soon be simple enough to see the date. I think it was May. I have worn ties since then, and have taken pictures of all of them. No more hefty haughty promises about writing them all up. I am sure that I have forgotten where/why I wore them. Although…that could be a fun game for any readers I have left: if they can guess if my story is true or bullshit. Or both.

My travels for Few Spirits took me to our nation’s capital, where I attended a gala dinner out at Mt. Vernon, George and Martha Washington’s estate. The dinner was sponsored by several different lobbying organizations; our affiliation with the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States got us invited. The Distilled Spirits Council of the United States, thankfully, has an acronym: DISCUS. Or is it an anagram? No, it’s definitely an acronym. Anyway, they avoided being called DISCotUS, which would be too trendy. I would have gone with one that called to mind dancing with cheesy records: DISCOTECA (Distilled Spirits Council of the Entire Country, America).

ImageThe gala was a blast, and it was exciting to meet folks from other distilleries. Good thing I brought along a couple of ties to choose from. I ended up going with another swell looker from Paul Fredrick. I knew DC would be a professional tie-wearing town, and it didn’t disappoint. More than a Few bow ties in attendance (harder to spill booze on ’em, don’t-cha-know). I can only assume that my Freddy did me proud.


Let George Do It!

As for Mt. Vernon? Serene. Idyllic. Iconic. All that and more. I met the Ghost of the Father of our Country, or GOTFOOC. Actually, he was probably just a Hired Actor Portraying the Father of our Country (HAPTFOOC).

Thanks for deadlining. And thanks for reading.



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