Absence makes the heart bow fonder

Bow Tie Week, the little brother of last year’s Bow Tie Fortnight, has come to an end. Many thanks to my great friend Dan Murrell, for keeping me in bow ties, and promising to keep me replenished as I need them. I’m planning Seersucker Week for the week after Memorial Day (if memory serves me that day), so I’ll ask him to send me another couple that would work with my suit or blazer.

My final BTdJ was another from Beau Ties of Vermont. These red hearts would be great on Valentine’s Day (or Hallmark’s creation called Sweetest Day), but why shouldn’t they come out any day of the year?

Over the weekend, I was able to complete a FSWT (Father-Son With Tie) combo. I went to a first communion after-party at the home of GWT alum Peter Reinhart. His dad Jack, looking dapper at 90 (which is a kid in the Reinhart clan…his father lived to the ripe young age of 110), posed for me. Love the paisley!

Just want to give a teaser now…keep reading over the next couple of weeks. There will be some big news on my tie future.

Thanks for reading…Brooke


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