Bow Country for Old Men

Once again, I had police officers involved in my day, and once again, I was not a lawbreaker or victim. It’s the first Thursday of the month, which can only mean Leadership Evanston time! All of my classmates had the chance to talk about our experiences with our ride-alongs (or would that be rides-along?), and 4 of Evanston’s finest joined us for some role-playing. In three scenarios (domestic dispute, teenage brawl, traffic stop), we played the cops and they played the suspects. My very authoritative bow tie didn’t keep me from having my (toy) gun stolen. Oh, well, so there won’t be a late-life career shift into the law enforcement industry. Great job, Officers!

My Bow Tie du Jour is tagless, but I do know that it’s a Murrell Special. It’s a very cool orange and blue which, upon closer inspection, reveals itself to be an orange and purple tie. Intrigue, no?

After I sported my bow tie into domestic-dispute-scenario-battle, we had a speed-networking hour with more than a dozen Evanston organizations. Of course, I had to find some new Guys With Ties.

Art Mollenhauer is CEO of the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Metro Chicago. He’s an Evanston resident, and if this tie is any indication of his collection, he’s a great addition to GWT.

Another guy, another great tie…Jeremy Barrows is the Director of Development & Communication for the Evanston Community Foundation. He joined up for the speed-dating (as they put it)…

Thanks for reading…Brooke


One Response to “Bow Country for Old Men”

  1. tinywolfwrites Says:

    Oh my…I laughed so hard at this, Brooke! Great job!

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