Good Ties, Bad Ties

SGWT-Super Group W/Ties

Plant. Page. Are they nouns? Verbs? Or are they the heart and soul of one of the pantheon rock and roll bands? Yes, yes, this is a tie blog, but it’s Rockin’ Tie Week. The ties themselves may not rock, but the song alluded in my subject heading sure does. I thought finding a tie on these guys would be as difficult as Bono (and UB40…go figure), but it was the second pic. Bonzo and John Paul will just have to stand there looking cool, and relatively untied.

I should just come out and say that my Tie du Jour is not as rockin’ as Jimmy’s and Robert’s strips are. Sadly, I needed to attend a wake later on in the day, so my general ensemble was rather gray. The son of a former fellow teacher at School for Little Children passed away suddenly. Way too young, way too young. My thoughts go out to the Erickson family.

My TdJ is very dark, black with red tinges that one probably can’t see on this picture. Well, maybe you can. From Claiborne, it has gray crescent moon shapes all over. I got it at the Salvation Army in Skokie several weeks ago.

Later that evening was my daughter’s Science Fair at Lincoln School. As this is about the 3rd or 4th year of the event, the controlled chaos is getting more and more controlled. Julia presented a project on fingerprints that she had just come up with a few days before, and was able to knock it out. This is totally unlike her dad, who would have come up with a plan months before, only to just get started on it a couple nights before.

I was able to get a new GWT during the evening’s scientific festivities. Dave Bennett, who’s a fellow Lincoln dad as well as a member of the admissions staff at Lake Forest College, was kind enough to pose with his summery tie.

Thanks for reading…Brooke



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