Red, red tiene…

…goes to my head.

Do you remember where U B when you heard UB40 for the 40th time? Didn’t think so…me neither.

So, a mere two days after wearing a solid red tie, what does the tie selection portion of my brain go and do? It decides it’s time to wear…a solid red tie. The Tie du Jour is definitely approaching the maroon section of the spectrum, but in the grand scheme of things–things like colors, and ties–it’s a red tie. It’s from Emile Lafaurie.

And yes, I realize a Few things:

  1. Red Red Wine is not a rock song, and doesn’t generally fit Rockin’ Tie Week.
  2. UB40 are a ska band, and do not generally fit Rockin’ Tie Week.
  3. I need to go with what the aforementioned tie-selecting brain chooses, and can’t always remember that a tie should fit Rockin’ Tie Week.
  4. Numbered lists don’t fit anything that is rockin’.

Now that we’ve got that settled, thanks for reading…Brooke


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