When Irish Ties Are Smiling…

Since St. Patrick’s Day of 2010 was my 3rd blog post (Tie No. 2) of 100 Days, 100 Ties, I was now struck with the need to come up with another Irish-punned subject. This seems perfectly fitting.

I have generally been low on the green ties, since I started, and I had a momentary moment of panicky panic. Did I have a green one at all? Whew, I had found this vintage baby at Unique Thrift Store, my old faithful. Of course, that replaced my old old faithful, the Salvation Army formerly known as the Salvation Army of Kedzie, which met it’s developmental demise a couple of months ago. The Skokie SA is nicer and better organized, but I’ll always have Kedzie, and my biggest (vintage) score ever.

Ok, now my first inclination is to wince at the thought that I’ve told this tale before. It’s not a tie story, but it’s a vintage treasure story. Many years ago…perhaps 8…I found a pair of old Levi’s jeans. I had just started poking around stores for stuff to resell on eBay, and for some reason I knew that, if the little red tab on the back pocket had a capital E in ‘LEVI’S’, they could be valuable. They switched to LeVI’S in 1971 or something. Anyway, I paid $6, and put them up for $19 or so. Without boring you with the ups-and-ups of its weeklong auction, let me just cut to the reveal and say that some dude/dudette in Thailand bought them for $666. Diabolical, yes. Ergo, I will always have Kedzie.

Onward, my Tie du St. Patty’s Jour is from Erday’s men’s clothing store in Geneva, Illinois. ‘Tis of the wide variety, which sometimes can get carried away, but somehow this one works. I hope that the photo shows its green like I know it’s there. I like this pattern so much I may send it off to get a bowtie made from it. In fact, maybe I’ll do that for enough ties to do a Bespoke BeBowtie BeWeek.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day. Thanks for reading…Brooke



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