Can’t spell ‘Sláinte’ without T-I-E…

Here’s to your health on St. Patrick’s Day. This verdant concoction of shirt & tie should be salubrious enough to counter the effects of alcohol that will be coursing through the veins of collective Chicago.

Pink hearts? No. Yellow moons? Nuh-uh. Green clovers?! Gotcha.

My tie today is cheap in so many ways…no lining, chintzy fabric; plus, it came from the $1 section at Target. But it’s worth a lot more to me than that…my daughter Julia, on a recent ‘treasure-hunting’ trip with my Mom to the aforementioned Target, returned proudly with this tie in hand for me to wear on St. Patrick’s Day. How could a Dad–with a heart, at least–resist?

I’m proud to say that this photo is the first one that actually portrays the true color of my featured tie du jour. Seeing as the little shamrocks practically emit their own light, my flash-less iPhone camera finally came through in the artistic department.

My green getup is completed by my green shirt, as well as some green stone cufflinks and a green pocket square for gray suit (which will likely take on a greenish tinge as the day goes on).

My great-grandmother, Maud DuFour, was a Ryan by birth, so let’s do the math…I’m 1/16 Irish, right? No, double it, I think. 1/8 Irish, even better; and, no matter my fractional expertise, it’s enough on St. Patrick’s Day.

So, a toast to a tie, and a tie for a toast. Happy St. Patty’s, everyone! Thanks for reading.



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