Tie is on my side

My subject du jour alludes to one of my favorite Rolling Stones tunes, which is like asking which is your preferred child. Good thing Mick has been singing that song, because not only has time truly been on his side, but also there aren’t many vocalists who have the mouth to rock that song. Here’s an old video, when they’re too young to know they’ll be together for 40 years; nice to see Charlie and Brian (RIP) in ties, but I can’t tell if Keiff is wearing one. Here’s a newer one, and it’s 30 years old; listening to this may be harmful to your health. It is their drawn-out career in one song. The crowds will come runnin’ back…

My Tie du Jour was selected today for purely economical purposes. It’s the second of those Hermès ties that I found at the Salvation Army over the weekend. I decided to wear them quickly so I could put them up on eBay. My eBay presence is evanstoncajun; they should be on there by the end of the weekend, so check ’em out. Hard to believe that a used Hermès may go for north of $100; but then, when you look at the fact that you can find $75 thousand (yes, that’s correct, 75 k-burgers) purses, they may be a bargain.

Anyway, this strip is fairly simple…a pattern of buckled belts on a field of royal blue.

On Wednesday, we honored another rocker, Warren Zevon, by hosting our 10th (or thereabouts) Lawyers, Guns & Money networking event. I kept my crapiPhone camera on the bench for most of the night, but I did manage to snap one of David Frank, President of Somercor 504, who helps small businesses borrow money for capital expenditures (did I impress you with my coherent-thought paragraph, plocked with multisyllabic words?)…

Thanks for reading…Brooke


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