Fat Tiesday

Well, shoot if I didn’t think of that subject header earlier, when I was actually choosing my Tie du Jour. I had a 4-lane highway just waitin’ for a reason to be worn. Next time.

My Mardi Gras was pretty tame, by common New Orleans standards. I did not ask for, nor did I receive, any flashings of any body parts, and it was not because of my dearth of beads. My little girl was sick today–too much Cazzie P Day celebrating into the night, no doubt…so that made my TdJ more of a Tie du Couple du Hours.

I mentioned my found treasure trove the other day, thanks to the Salvation Army. My Hermès of Monday (which will be going up on eBay very soon) was followed by a sweet Lee Allison strip, which was only part of my SA bounty. And, gosh darnit, if that isn’t the most out-of-focus picture. I felt a little bad…I emailed Lee and Trideep over at Lee Allison, to tell them I’d be sporting one of their ties (and another very soon); Lee said it was slightly bittersweet since he had to think of his creations being shipped off to serve in the Salvation Army. I just think there’s an interesting story behind ‘donations’ like these: either someone exiled them because they were pissed off at the owner, or maybe someone got a new job and won’t ever need ties again. I mean, despite my crapiPhone camera, this is an absolutely A-1 quality tie. I would never in my right mind give it up unless it had soup on it (and even then, I’d make a pocket square out of it).

Before picking up Julia, I was able to make it to a couple of meetings, the first of which was with the guy who actually told me about Lee Allison and his tie company: Patrick Hughes (a GWT alum) is spending a month in a month-long intensive Executive MBA program at Kellogg. He’s basically at summer camp, except the riflery and canoeing are replaced by macroeconomics and marketing strategy. And there’s no poison ivy. Probably not, anyway.

Thanks for reading…Brooke


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