You have the tie to remain silent

It’s been quite a while since I’ve struggled for a post’s beginning sentence, or even a main thought. But, that’s where I’m at right now, what with the previous night’s Tie-valanche still fresh in my mind. With the help of a friend’s sage advice, I’m questioning my decision to go with a seemingly stronger hanger over the safety of just having two hangers for the Already Worn. Danger doesn’t rhyme with hanger, but it’s close, and it’s my middle name.

You may recall my cousin Beaux’s tale of nearly choking on himself when shopping for a Lee Allison tie at Aidan Gill’s New Orleans store. The thought of spending a hundie on a tie was only slightly alleviated when Mr. Gill showed him the special “Remove After Sex” notation in the tie. Anyway, Beaux is about to be on the receiving end of an envelope full of ties. Wear them proudly, Cuz.

My Tie du Jour contains perhaps my favorite shade of blue. Would this be cornflower blue? I’m no paint color expert, but…I like it. It’s from Nautica, and the strip’s tan/blue/orange notes made for a nice airy complement to my mainly orange shirt.

We have a contribution from a reader (and friend and fellow Lincoln parent), Ginger Moore, who submitted this blog post from the non-tied Anderson Cooper (does he have a patent on those perfectly-wrinkled, you’re-damned-right-I-work-in-war-zones-and-disaster-areas shirts?). It’s a pic of VP Biden and SotH Boehner, both wearing ties, and a caption contest underneath. The winning staff entry is tie-based…and kinda funny.

Just a bit of a preview, since I didn’t capture any live GWTs…on Friday I’ll be wearing a blue paisley tie, which will herald (should I remember) PTW (Paisley Tie Week) from Monday through Friday of next week. Wear your favorite paisley ties (or paisley scarves or whatever, for the non-tie ladies out there) and send me a picture. We may even have a

Thanks for reading…Brooke


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