Desperate ties call for desperate measures…

The tipping point. The straw, the camel and his aching back. Well, Thursday night at 11:56pm, all those things came crashing together as disaster struck.

Hang in there...

Pope Pileup I

You have seen the HotAW (Hanger of the Already Worn), in its resplendent, albeit hokey, glory. As I placed another worn tie (for the record, it was the Rhonda-given Chinese character one from last week) on the hanger, the wall came a-tumbling down. So, prepare to marvel at the destruction wrought by a weak-ass suit-hanger.

A score of lbs.

Those pictures on the right are the immediate aftermath; this one on the left is what happened after I tried to rescue the ones that were still attached to the hanger. Nearly 200 ties in a heap is a sad thing to stare at when one wants to go to bed. And, as the caption hints, that is twenty pounds of ties up there. TWENTY.

Do Not Adjust Your Set

The Tie du Jour is a wavy number from Bachrach. Little blue, little brown, lotta squiggly lines. I’d like to have hoped that, somehow, the lines would have mesmerized me into realizing that my suit hanger was going to explode that night, but I just don’t have those kinds of ties.

State of Tie Union

Many thanks to roving tie-news gatherer (and GWT alum), Greg Clarke, who discovered this essay from Esquire’s Style Blog, about, Barack Obama’s SOTU tie.

Thanks for reading…Brooke



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