U-G-L-Tie, you ain’t got no alibi…

Not every tie in my collection is flashy. Nor is every one particularly good-looking. But, since I’ve made the pledge to wear them all, I need to get busy on sporting some of the uglies. Yes, I realize that I did have Ugly Tie Week, even though 3/5 of the UTW ties were well-received. But, you just have to know that, next to some of the gorgeous ties on the rack, some of them just seem so…plain.

Speaking of well-received, I received a package in the mail. Angela and the rest of the gang at Paul Fredrick sent me TEN TIES! How amazingly generous can you get. And, they are, quite simply, beautiful. I can’t wait to wear them all. In fact, I’m going to wear half of them next week, as it will officially be designated PFW–Paul Fredrick Week.

Now for the blasé Tie du Jour. It’s from Kenneth Gordon, and it’s…plain (the ellipse adds to the plain-ness, don’t you…agree?). For the conservative set, I’m sure it’s lovely. I hope you can see the texture in the shirt, which is a little more spectacular than your run-of-the-mill oxford cloth (I try to give a little extra effort in the shirt department, with my more staid ties at least). I can’t remember where I got this one…it may be a strip that’s been in my family for years. Just not sure. I don’t think it would have been purchased from a thrift store, as it or its label wouldn’t have stood out very much.

Oh, well. Thanks for reading…Brooke


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