Just tying to meet you

Even though it’s Tuesday afternoon, I will pretend that I am writing about my Tie du Monday on Monday. And, a real quick shout-out to Jay Bulev, who suggested the subject for today’s post. Made me think about one of my favorite Rolling Stones lyrics:

We’re gonna come ’round at twelve with some Puerto Rican girls that’s just dyyyyyyyyin’ to meetchoooooo! — ‘Miss You’, Richards/Jagger

Bloodbuzz O-tie-o

Last night, I headed down to the Riviera Theatre to get me some rock. Got me some roll, too, for my trouble. A package deal, usually, which is nice. Those rocker/rollers were The National, and let me tell you, the show was amazing. And, as an added bonus, frontman Matt Berninger was sportin’ a tie! Of course, from my shitty iPhone camera (that actually is a google-able phrase), you can barely tell that the subject of this photo is human, much less clothed. But, clad he was, and very well accessorized, I might add. Even rocked a vest, so he deserves to be the inaugural RWT (Rocker With Tie) here on 100 Days, 100 Ties. And, judging from his on-stage histrionics, he qualifies for inaugural SWT (Spaz With Tie) status, as well.

Grey or gray?

So, let’s march on to the Tie du Jour (TdY, actually, I know). Once again, I realize that, even though I have over 60 remaining unworn ties, a large majority are pretty dull. Dull, dull, boring and dull. This Christian Dior, while very nice, is pretty staid, especially if you compare it to the lion’s share of my ties. It’s a nice (NOOOO! Don’t use the word ‘nice’! It’s the kiss of death, at least in terms of blind date set-ups and 100 Days, 100 Ties ties) tie. Be ready for a nice run of nice ties.

I had a great comment the other day, from a fella named Brent Wiescamp, a fellow tie-wearer who took the time to read a bunch of my 100D100T posts. I contacted him, and asked him to send in a shot of himself with one of his ensembles. So, I guess we have another inauguration…I present the first SPGWT (Self-Portrait Guy With Tie)…

Yesterday, Diane left on a 3-week business trip, so I get to hang out with my little munchkin Julia (she’s so not a little munchkin anymore…POP! there’s another gray hair…perfect with today’s gray tie, I guess). I picked her up at soccer practice, and a fellow dad from the team, Doug Hood, who works at AIROOM, was kind enough to pose with his tie.

Thanks for reading…Brooke


One Response to “Just tying to meet you”

  1. Brent Says:

    Great to “meet” you Brooke! I like being first at something in this world. Looking forward to more blog entries from you. Good to know we have a love of rock ‘n’ roll in common as well. Keep on bloggin’.

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