Can’t spell Burgess Meredith without T-I-E

You’re gonna eat lightnin’ and you’re gonna crap thunder! — Mick, Rocky

Grumpy Young Old Man

It’s hard to pick the greatest line out of a great movie full of them, but Burgess Meredith threw out a good one there in that training scene, thanks to his writer/muse, Sly Stallone. Before his turn as the gnarly, surly, Irishly boxing manager, Burgess out-acted, as the Penguin, Adam West in Batman. Well, everyone did, really, except maybe for the fist-punching foolish sidekick, Robin (Burt Ward). So, in honor of his waddling self, Mr. Meredith becomes the inaugural DGWT (Dead Guy With Tie)…

An army of penguins

I pay homage because of my Tie du Jour, from Penguin. I am a HUGE fan of the Penguin polo shirts from Munsingwear. I must have about 6 or 8 (which means 8-12, in Brooke-speak) and I am always on the lookout at my resale shop stops. When I saw this tie at TJMaxx, I couldn’t resist. It’s black with white penguins, and it has a little mod going for it, especially with the tie clip.

Once again, I realize that I have put a tie that I really like onto the Friday Freebie chopping block. So, come on, bring it…best comment gets it.

Next week’s highlights: my Lee Allison tie (remember, 25% off if you use 100TIES in promo code box until Sept 30), donating an ugly bow tie to a poker dealer, getting some [yawn!] boring ties on the board with fun shirts and, well, just surprising myself as I usually do with my selection of the Tie du That Day.

Thanks for reading…Brooke


3 Responses to “Can’t spell Burgess Meredith without T-I-E”

  1. Paul Says:

    I’ve only got a Few ties and my son is a huge aficionado of penguins.

  2. Patty Barbato Says:

    OK, I admit, now that I have spent 15 hours with you during the last week and feel like I am in a “community” with you, I’m FINALLY reading your blog. Love it! And I love your offer to borrow a scarf as a pocket square. Will find a fab one for you. I need to add you to my list of “Evanston Assets,” Brooke. You’re terrific!

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