Knit happens…

It’s Monday, kids! And you know what that means…Martini Monday! Well, maybe not for me, but for my parents, perhaps. They are flexible on the coquetail du jour, as I’ve heard them mention Margarita Monday, Mimosa Monday (when brunch is involved, I assume) and Mojito Monday. Mmm.

Anyway, my Monday was gin- and vodka-free, unfortunately. Although, when you see the pic of my shirt/tie combo, you may think a white likker was involved in its choosing. For me, it was Mash Up Monday, which will pale in comparison to Mash Up Wednesday, when the actual event–The First Annual Evanston Business Mash Up–will take place. A lot of folks have been working their tails off to make this come together, and tickets are still available. My Tie du MashUp remains up in the air.

Purple Tie Week Reject!

There have been a few GQ pictorials lately (including this great one with SNL/30 Rock fella Jason Sudeikis) that have shown plaid shirts with (mainly) solid ties. For whatever reason, I gave it a go today. Not too shabby, although I got more comments on the knit knumber from Ron Chereskin. It’s purple, with a light stripe that has a little texture going on, too. As the caption indicates, this was a potential Purple Tie Week entry, and it was on the short list for Stripes Week, as well. Ah, so close to being famous…


My Dear Old Dad had a suggestion for the “With Ties” collection…DWT. Duffers With Ties! He texted me over the weekend to say that Ryan Moore, a PGA pro, was sportin’ a strip during the BMW Championships at Cog Hill, here in the Chicago area. Lucky for me and oh so lucky for you, there exists a photo of Ryan watching his ball sail off into the distance. I’d wear a tie playing golf…looks good. A couple years ago, Kevin Costner wore one for the Pebble Beach Pro-Am, and it looked pretty good.

This morning, I got in touch with the Lee Allison Company, a tie designer in Chicago. I mentioned them back in April, after my friend Patrick Hughes suggested I take a look at their website (which I love). I got a nice note back, inviting me to drop by their studio next Tuesday. Now I’m really nervous…I’m going to have to be sportin’ my best remaining tie, I’d think.

Well, I’ll deal with that next Tuesday morning. Thanks for reading…Brooke


One Response to “Knit happens…”

  1. Jennifer Lazar Says:

    You know I don’t usually comment here, but I felt compelled to tell my most fashionable, male friend who normally wears beautiful ties, that this tie is a bomb. Not da bomb but a bomb. Should have been top of the list for ugly tie week.

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