Tieland Park

So, in addition to my bounty of ties from Joe Smith, I also received a package from Collyn, one of my oldest & dearest friends. It contained a few treasures from the Nashville Flea Market: two Santa-adorned Christmas ties and a really unique paisley. Collyn was one of my first friends in Memphis, and her mom and mine were both transplants from SW Louisiana who’d moved to Memphis. They’ve been friends for 40+ years; same for Collyn and me.

I simply had to sport this new paisley this week. As I am prone to doing, I forgot that it was Freebie Friday today; BUT, unless someone comments some Nobel-worthy prose or poetry, no one will get this today. Besides, no one has ‘claimed’ a Friday Freebie in about 6 weeks, so the voting committee likely won’t be called upon to pass judgment.

Nashville's contribution to 100D100T

The Tie du Jour is from Nautica; it looks so vintage to me. I took another picture of the tip because it’s so different from the rest of the tie (and, with my ultra-photographic skillz, I forgot to hold the camera far enough away to capture it). Now THOSE are paisleys!

Since the Ides of March, when 100 Days, 100 Ties was begun, I have been given several ties. They are either hand-me-downs, resale finds, gift purchases, or inventory control. This last one is interesting to me, as I have run across several people who have, upon discussing their tie collection, confided in me that they have X number of ties, about 90% of which are not in their tie rotation.

It got me thinking if we could do some sort of tie exchange, wherein you could get rid of most of your ties, and have them replaced by other ties from other people’s unused collections. I need to figure out how this will work. I’ll download this blog post into my skull so that my brain will dream about it.

Thanks for reading…Brooke


One Response to “Tieland Park”

  1. Collyn Says:

    Lookin’ suave there Mr. B!

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