Can’t spell ‘Bastille’ without T-I-E

This entire blogpost should be read with your best Gérard Depardieu accent. Or Maurice Chevalier or Lumière (from Beauty & the Beast), wheechevair yeux chuze.

Today is Bastille Day, a French national holiday which I choose to celebrate due to my French heritage. The French choose to celebrate le quatorze juillet because the storming of the temporary prison at la Bastille was a battle they actually won. Oui, bien sur, it was indeed easier because they were fighting the French. But–mais!–it is a holiday with parades and fireworks and much drinking of wine (just like the other 364-5 days of the year in France).

My cravatte du jour, or Tie du Jour, was chosen with this day in mind. A couple of months ago, at the Unique Thrift Store, I found this very cool fleur de lis-adorned tie.This big pic doesn’t do it much justice, so I’ll insert one that shows a little more of the detail and texture.

I had my main man tailor Wafa Zanayed thin it for me. A cool thing that he did was, since it had no tag, he made me a tie-tucker thingie (I am not aware of the technical term for the place where you place the thin end of the tie, if it’s not a label).

Since we had a couple of Chamber networking events today (even more next week), I ended up with a lot of new GWT (and even one GWGWT–Girl With Guy With Tie). Let’s get to ’em…

First we have Morley Robbins and Elizabeth Erkenswick, from Chiropractic First, here in Evanston. They were kicking the tires, so to speak, at our Networking Breakfast this morning. Morley is a fellow tie guy, who regaled me with some great stories about ties.

We have a double GWT, Steve Andrews of Pace Bus and Jeff Semler of Heil, Heil, Smart & Golee, a local insurance/real estate agency.

And here we have Josh Granum, a financial planner with Northwestern Mutual Financial Network.

Thanks for reading…my boss, the 9-year old one, is ordering me off of the computer. Brooke


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