Tie a Yellow Ribbon…

Didn’t even have to pun that one up. How ’bout that.

After yesterday’s Dostoevsky-fest, I’ll try to keep today’s post short. No soccer, no Guys With Ties, no Guys About To Wear Ties…shouldn’t be a problem.

I'm not yella!

Well, for the Tie du Jour, I went for simple. I went for solid. I went for ignored. My tie rack isn’t showing gaps yet, but there are a lot of singletons on the wires, where there used to be 2 or 3 on each wire rung.

This Banana Republic gold/yellow strip was the choice, and I paired it with a blue shirt with a little texture, a little pattern, going on with it. The fact that I don’t have many shirts with yellow in them made no difference. It’s okay to let the tie jump off the battlefield, so to speak, sometimes of its own accord.

Tomorrow is Bastille Day, and I hope to remember to wear a tie with at least the French colors. I do have a fleur de lis tie, so mayhaps that will make the grade. It is a double networking event day, in Chamberville–Networking Breakfast in the morning (duh) and SOHO (Small Office Home-based Office) Network meeting at lunchtime. I’ll try to dress on my best behavior.

I would like to make a general statement here on friendship. I have some great friends out there, some far flung and some near, um, flung. They have  made it extremely obvious that they are thinking about me, and care about me, and are letting me know this now. Some are new friends who are just doing some cool things with and for me; some are old friends who have given a gift that will either endure or just be cool. They’re not waiting until it’s convenient, they are letting me know at this moment that they are my friends. I really and truly appreciate it, and I hope that I am that good of a friend to y’all.

Oh, hold on a tic. My friend Xan Nelson, who teaches ice skating at Robert Crown, also works for Light Opera Works, here in Evanston. She was kind enough to tweet this photo, of a very rare tie tree, arbus botaius nectaius.

No, I’m not drunk. Sober as a judge (is that the expression?)…

Thanks for reading, which is one of the things that makes me realize people care. Brooke


One Response to “Tie a Yellow Ribbon…”

  1. Paul Says:

    “Sober as a judge” is a tough statement to make in Cook county, IL.

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