Late again…ties in transit

The pit of vipers

More adventures in moving…

So I had this nice tie rack that was very difficult to move off of the Swedish/Norwegian/Overpricese closet system; try though I might to move them together, all hanging nicely, I screwed up. They ended up making the move in a fresh new kitchen trash bag. Not very pleasant for them, I’m sure, but it did the trick. This pic shows them in their unkempt, unhanging state. Hard to believe all of these (provided I don’t get hit by a bus, or a tailor’s van) will grow up to be Ties du Jour. Sniff…they’re growing so fast.

Speaking of those meddling kids, let me get to yesterday’s featured tie. It has been crazy at work and at the new home, which shouldn’t be any different, but for some reason it’s taking me a few days to get a routine in place.

One-eyed, one-horned, flying purple people-eater

The Tie du Jour is from Eagle Shirtmakers. It’s a well-made tie, very good quality fabric, even if it’s a simple purple-based pattern. I can tell a decent tie if the knot holds its shape. Speaking of knots, I usually tie a half-windsor, which is symmetrical and tends to have a larger knot than a four-in-hand. If anyone ever needs help with a knot, I can certainly help. It’d be a lot easier if you go to, and let bespectacled gentleman Johann Isemer show you how to fire up the Windsor, Half-Windsor, Pratt & Four-in-Hand knots. He says it’s not rocket science.

Thanks for reading…Brooke


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