Tommy, Can You Hear Me?

Hey there! I really missed this…it’s good to be back.

Déjà worn

I almost had a wardrobe malfunction–or rather a wardrobe misappropriation–last night. If you’ve read 100 Days, 100 Ties recently, you may know that I moved to an apartment over the weekend. I was getting some of my things at the house, and I realized that I had not moved any of my remaining ties to the apartment. I had taken this hanger-full of already-featured Ties du Jour, but no newbies. Good thing I took some to the new place, huh? I just know the world breathed a collective sigh of relief…crisis averted.

And, now, dang…sorry, that expletive got through. Da*g, another brain cramp. My picture of my tie didn’t turn out very well.  It’s a striped number from Tommy Hilfiger, and it’s mainly pink. But in my flash-less iPhone photo exposé, the pink looked an awful orange. Can’t have that, right? I’ll get a picture on here when I get back to the apt.

So, imagine if you will, a pink tie, with randomly-sized stripes…blue, kelly green and white. I was told it was a perfect post-Easter tie; it certainly was perfect on this sunny day. Yeah, sorry, it’ll have to wait for the picture.

Argh. I wrote all that hours ago, back when I thought I could run home (from my house), re-don the tie, take a picture, check picture for pink-ness, upload properly pinked pic, finish the blog, go to bed. Nuh-uh. Got home, did the tie & picture part, then realized I’d left the ol’ laptop at the house. Ye gods…

At long last...the Tommy Hilfiger pink

Before something else is found amiss, I present the picture of the TdJ. I drove hundreds, maybe thousands, of yards to bring it to you, so act appreciative.

No surprise, but the picture doesn’t do justice to the detail that Tommy and Company gave to this springesque homage to the Easter egg. The grain on each color of stripes is different…no idea how they do that. Well, that’s why Tommy sells ties (and I buy them).

Speaking of Tommy Hilfiger, a quick shout-out (is it a type-out?) to my friend Eimir O’Sullivan. Eimir and I were in junior high together down in Memphis, and she’s been with them for several years.

Quick resolution for tomorrow…let’s have a day where things go a little more smoothly, including the blog.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for your patience.



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