Can’t spell “Tree killer” without T-I-E…

You also can’t spell “Restoration Hardware” without T-R-E-E-S A-R-E S-H-I-T. OK, there’s an extra ‘S’ thrown in there, but you get the picture, and you hopefully get what Restoration Hardware feels about our forests.

I have never been one to preach a green lifestyle: I try to recycle and I usually accomplish it. I have canvas shopping bags in my trunk, and I actually bring them into the store about half the time. But, when I saw the monstrosity that Restoration Hardware sent out, it pissed me off.

Have you seen this thing? It’s 615 pages of their overpriced merchandise (don’t they have to overprice? they need to pay for their catalog…) crammed into a 3-to-5 pound shop-alog. What world does their marketing department live in? Are they not onto the fact that, when someone needs a linen storage box, some Italian bedding, or a large leather couch (financing available), they will likely browse online? Yes, when I was a kid, I enjoyed the arrival of the Sears Giftbook just as much as anyone else. But, there was no way for me to peruse aisle after virtual aisle of toys and other Xmas wishes. These days, does anyone really take the time to leaf through 600+ pages of shoppable crap? For shame, RH…you are S-H-I-T.

Ok, off the soap box and back to ties…

After our Delilah’s adventure, it was time for the Indy Spirits Expo at the Bottom Lounge. Few Spirits, along with over 60 distillers, showed off our products to several hundred whiskey/spirits fans. I had some sales calls earlier, so I threw my Few shirt on over my shirt/tie ensemble. Not bad…

My Tie du Jour is a vintage thin from Prince Igor, which is probably, safe to say, no longer in business. It was sold by the Maurice L. Rothschild & Co. outfit at one of their department stores.

One of the exhibitors (good thing I didn’t say “exhibitionist”) at Indy was a very cool guy named Graham Wasilition, purveyor of Tenneyson Absinthe Royale (which was delicious, by the way…I’m a BIG fan of the black jelly bean). He had some tie-bar/cufflink sets, and he gave me a new tie bar, adorned with the Tenneyson design. Very cool, so I wore it the rest of the night. Thanks, G.

Thanks for reading…Brooke


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