Multiple personali-ties

Do not adjust your set. In this case, “set” obviously means your PC/Mac/Smartphone/random-futuristic-interweb-viewing-device.

My vintage Tie du Jour was sold a long time ago at Marshall Field’s, which, along with its celebrated holiday traditions, was swallowed up several years ago by Macy’s and their own celebrated holiday traditions. There was much hullabaloo when the deal was going through, as folks worried if they’d still be able to go to the tea room in the Field’s/Macy’s flagship store in downtown Chicago. That and the walk-around story-telling are still there, as far as I know. Go, capitalism!!

The designer is Pierre Cardin, who joins Yves Saint-Laurent and Louis Vuitton as the spiritual triumvirate of French designers that even the average Yankee non-fashionista has heard of. This TdJ looks like Monsieur Petey was trying a few different things out…on ONE tie. It’s got a nice solid dark brown as its base, then hits on some stripes in a cool cream, crimson and some more o’ that cornflower that I dig on. He must not have hit his paisley quota for that season, ‘cuz he fires up two small strips of them. To top it off, he throws in some kind of tapestry thing between the paisley rows, making this one a candidate for the legendary Ugly Tie Week.

This strip, and all its glory, accompanied me on a few sales calls down in the city. I was spreading the Few Spirits-ual gospel to Andersonville – Simon’s and Big Jones – and downtown Chicago – Henri & the Gage. Look for a Few new additions at those fine establishments soon.

Thanks for reading…Brooke


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2 Responses to “Multiple personali-ties”

  1. Edward Warren (@eewarren) Says:

    Hi Brooke – I recently discovered your blog and I have been thoroughly entertained going back through all of your old posts. Your stories crack me up, and your level of tie dedication is truly impressive. Sounds like we’re very similar – I have been a big tie fan for as long as I can remember, own a whole bunch (probably too many), and dress up and wear them much more often than my buddies do. I get my share of grief from them, but I am convinced they’re just jealous of my sartorial skills…Ha Thanks for all of the dedication it obviously took to document everything – I for one really appreciate it and you’ve given me some great ideas to try. Who knows, I may end up trying my own 100+ Days of Ties homage one of these days (if my friends thought I was bad before…). Looking forward to going through the rest of your entries (I think I’m somewhere in Aug.2010 now) and following your future adventures. Take care and keep looking sharp! -Ed

    • Brooke Saucier Says:

      Thanks so much, Ed! I really appreciate your readership, and I thank you for helping me as I reinvigorate my (almost) daily posts…

      If you need any ties for your endeavor, let me know!

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