You Can’t Hide Your Lyin’ Ties

Can't spell 'Hotel California' without F-R-O

Nothing about this tie is a lie, but I was just having a need to get me some Eagles. A cursory glance at the available photos of Don, Glenn, Joe and the boys told me I wouldn’t find them with ties on. There was a bolo, but it was on one of the Eagles that I didn’t know, and the other guys were shirtless. Henley will probably thank me for keeping yet another picture of his Donfro off the interwebs. Oh, shoot, who am I to keep you from that?!

I’m now reminded that I need my monthly haircut. And daily shave. Curse the beard, I say. And while I’m on the subject of cranial hair, why does man suddenly pick up the ability to grow hair, rapidly, in his nose and ear cavity? What kind of effed up genetic code says, “Hmm, this humanoid is nearing 40 years of age…switch on the ear hair!!” And they’re quick little suckers, too. If you don’t manscape (we’re talking ABOVE the waist here, people. This heah a family blog, you heah?) every few days, you’ll have yourself a little weedpatch in your ears. Now, I’m all for genetic testing to determine the causes of all the scourges of mankind. I call to the world’s geneticists: Eradicate them. Make us better. But, isn’t there just one of you scientists that isn’t up to par? There must be someone who’ll never find the DNA responsible for something important. Can’t we get him on this ear hair thing? I mean, if I’ve passed this on to poor Julia, and she one day has sons, she needs to warn them, no? I’m willing to start a foundation, have a charity bike ride, sell cookies. Rid the world of nose/ear hair! Send ten dollars to…

Okay, time to jump down off my soapbox (the ear hairs whistle as I alight) for the Tie du Jour. It’s a sweet blue number from Ben Sherman, and I (think I) got it from Paul Hletko, a GWT alum. Paul is also the master distiller of Few Spirits, where I will soon be employed, at least on a part-time basis. Stay tuned, and stay thirsty.

Thanks for reading…Brooke


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