‘Scuse me while I kiss the tie!

Voodoo Chile

Well, heck, if another rock lyric pops up with a word in it that rhymes with ‘tie’, I got to use it, right? It doesn’t matter that Rockin’ Tie Week is history, a man has got to go with Hendrix. I just can’t figure out how I missed this one…253 ties and it never popped into my head.

Ok, on with the blog (yep, still hate that word): As I write this I’m a couple of days behind, so ‘scuse me if this post is curt. I’ll try to speak/write as if it is still Tuesday.

My Tie du Jour is another from my friend David Colker, whom I will run into at Evanston SPACE on Thursday night. Eerie that I know that, n’est-ce pas? Anyway, the TdJ is from the house that Hugo built. Hugo Boss, that is… It’s dark navy with some geometric shapes (triangles…I couldn’t just say triangles?) festooning it. Definitely a power tie…I think he put a lot of power ties in the lot for me.

Now, I’m tired…

Thanks for reading…Brooke


One Response to “‘Scuse me while I kiss the tie!”

  1. David Colker Says:

    Had to have power ties cause I was dealing with the Wall Street boys. Looks good on you.

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