Under a Blood Red Tie

Well, I think I’ve found my Tie Week of the Week. It’s going to be Rockers Tie Week. I won’t be wearing the tie, but a different rock-n-roller will be, and it’ll be tied in with a lyrical tie pun.

So, since I allude to Irish superdupergroup U2 and their megasuperduper anthem “Sunday Bloody Sunday”, I would like to put a picture of Bono wearing a tie. So here we go…

Oops, different Bono. RIP Sonny, you were a much better musician and politician than you were a skier.

Bono through rose-colored glasses

That said, it was very difficult to find a picture of Bono (née Paul Hewson) with a tie on. I had to scroll through 12 pages or so to find this one. Turns out the picture looks like the tie was photoshopped on. Oh, well…

Here’s a tie that definitely was not photoshopped. It’s a bright red beauty, from the Armani Collezioni. This another tie that was loaned to me by my friend David Colker. I just had the thought this morning that I wanted my tie to be noticed, and my TdJ accomplished the desired result.

We have a new member, not only of the human race, but of the BWT group (that’s Babies With Ties), thanks to one of my roving tie-tographers, aka [“Mom”]. That’s Ella, Evan and Dee Goesting…Evan is the tyke with the tie painted onto his shirt (duh).

Thanks for reading…Brooke


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