Tied Green Tomatoes

Even though my TdJ has a tiny bit of green in it, that’s not why I conjured one of the ultimate chick-flicks with my blog title du jour. Some more of my ties (A-W, or already-worn, of course) have graduated to bigger and better things. I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that Anna (aka Little Green Pixie), barista-extraordinaire at Other Brother Coffeehouse, had used about 4 of my ties to make a dress. Well, a few days later, she said she was looking for some strips in the brown and green families to make a skirt. I checked the new A-W hanger and found three that were fitting.

I will now saw this woman...and her tie...in half!!

This evening (it’s Sunday, at press time), she published the ‘Stage I’ section of her skirt-creation description. I feel so proud to say that one of my ties is depicted, after going under the knife. Or scissor or whatever. Either way, thanks Anna…it’s very fun seeing these ties go to some use.

My plaid, wool tie (which goes smashingly with the suspenders/braces, wouldn’t you agree?) was a wonderful gift from my wonderful friend Jenny. She was proud to say that it cost only $1.49 at a thrift store; I, in turn, am proud to say that I felt like a thousand bucks wearing it. It’s from Pendleton, the celebrated maker of woolen clothing. Celebrated may be a stretch, but they are very famous. Sheep know to avoid going to work for them.

Thanks for reading…Brooke


One Response to “Tied Green Tomatoes”

  1. Little Green Pixie Says:

    Thanks for the ties Brooke! And, if you have anymore you don’t want, I’m thinking of other fun uses. Check back in next Sunday for Phase 2 of the skirt!

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