Can’t spell “Robert Saucier” without T-I-E

What is a Robert Saucier, you demand to know? Well, that’s my dad, Robert Michel Saucier. On this day (which is a day late), February 28, it’s his birthday. He’s in the picture to the right, in the glasses, DEFinitely one of the top three good lookin’ guys in there. Sheesh, that must have been 20 years ago. Looks like an Easter picture. Mom will know when it was, either based on her scarf/outfit or Dad’s glasses.

Dad is New Orleans-bred, Memphis-careered and Florida-retired. He likes the Pittsburgh Pirates, the Memphis (State) Tigers, the New Orleans Saints. He played baseball as a boy, racquetball as a man and golf throughout. He walked away from a successful career to become The Man, and then sold that company to ease into the Floridays. He raised three sons, lost one and found a woman who has informed him every step of the way why he should be married to her for 45 years (and counting). He has imparted wisdom with equal parts humor, timeliness, impatience and patience. He’s 73 but acts 37…well, maybe 47. Happy Birthday, Dad. This tie’s for you.

Kleenex, please…

Okay, the Tie du Jour was a gift from my friend Janet, many months ago. It’s a stunning Jerry Garcia strip, all pinks and blues and yellows on a mildly olive field. It ended up being perfect that I wore it Monday, because I met with my good family friend, Hank McHorris, who spent a good deal of time experiencing Grateful Dead shows in his youth.

We have a new category, maybe even two. This photo to the right is Jay Lytle, who was addressing the Evanston Chamber board of directors about the upcoming sesquicentennial celebration for Evanston. Yes, it’s been 150 years since Evanston was founded, and Jay is part of the group who will be planning the year-long celebration (so I guess it’s actually going to last longer, since the kick-off is this month). He can be the founding member of the FMWT (Former Mayors With Ties) or BFWT (Bank Founders With Ties). Although, you know, I think I snapped a shot or two of an Evanston mayor whilst at the Civic Center. So, Jay, since you are one of the founders of First Bank & Trust, BFWT it is.

One of my best contributors, Dan Murrell, sent in this pic of his attempt to spice up a black tie event. With this multi-colored number from Beau Ties of Vermont, he definitely succeeded.

Thanks for reading…Brooke


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One Response to “Can’t spell “Robert Saucier” without T-I-E”

  1. Vince Roberts Says:

    Nice happy birthday to your dad! btw, ARE you sauciers related to my sauciers?!

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