We’re all gonna tie!

No, no, relax…that 50-mile wide asteroid will miss Earth by thousands of yards. The 25-miler right behind it, however…

Doom schmoom, let’s have some fun! The snowcaps are melting, here in Evanston, at least…sloooowly but surely. I’m not a weather-payer-attentioner, but it’s hard to miss the chatter about hitting 50 degrees by the end of the week. Good thing I’m driving further north to Madison for Thursday night. But I’ll have dozens of different whiskeys to keep me warm. No, I won’t be traveling like Nic Cage, with a suitcase filled only with booze, in Leaving Las Vegas; I’m going to Distill America, presented by the Madison Malt Society. I’ll be wearing a tie, of course.

Speaking of ties, as I tied the Tie du Jour, I realized that it was the tie of a child. Not a particular child, mind you; as in, I didn’t steal it. But it was incredibly short: from the small picture on the right you can see that it only came down a couple inches short of my bellybutton. Did I replace it? Heck no. Thought of the solution as I tied it on: just throw a sweater on it. Bingo. Next time I’ll try a more colorful sweater…and by the way, it’s a tagless strip. No clue where it’s from.

Mildly funny story about taking the pic. The first pic I took of the way-short tie was taken without pants. No underwear were shown (yes, I was wearing ’em), but it looked pretty risqué. But, we’ll keep it clean, and leave it out. This shot is pretty goofy in it’s own right.

My string of snapping shots of GWTs on the TV carries on. This time it’s a RWT (Rapper With Tie), as Mos Def was rhymin’ on the Gorillaz concert from the Roundhouse in London. If you haven’t checked out Palladium channel, you really should. Some great shows on there. Anyway, I liked Mos’ purple tie; it has a snakeskin quality to it. Promise I’ll get some in-person GWTs tomorrow.

Thanks for reading…Brooke




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