We bring you a special weekend edition of 100 Days, 100 Ties. As my union restricts me from writing over 100 words on weekends, today’s post will be mainly photos, only bow ties. Beep-beep. Zip. Bang.

Mine is a vintage bow tie from Cardinal Neckwear. The label, next to the adjustable sizes, says “The Center of the World, 5th Ave., At 46th St., N.Y.C.”

Some more GWBT:

Brad, brother of Jon

Brad Lippitz of the Brad Lippitz Group.

Ramie, friend of Jon

Ramie Egan.

Thanks for reading…Brooke, the conscientious union scribe (90 words)


One Response to “Mazeltiev!”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    Hey there! Thanks for featuring a tie from Cardinal Neckwear, which was my grandfather’s company. The beginning of the slogan printed inside the tie is actually “Tie Center of the World”.

    Thanks again!

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