Tielence is golden

Golden brown, that is…

Several years ago, at two different resale shops, I found my brown and white Tie du Jour exactly one day after I found my white and brown Shirt du Jour. I remember thinking how similar their patterns were, and how perfectly they’d go together. Well, one really shouldn’t be so matchy-matchy, after all. It took me those several years, in addition to two-hundred and something blog posts, but I finally did put them together.

How now brown tie

So I present the TdJ, from Kenneth Cole. And, since I’m in a giving mood, why don’t we revert to the old Friday Freebie follies, in which the best comment (on here or on Facebook) gets the tie. Free shipping.

I captured, photographically speaking, a couple of Guys With Ties on Friday. First we have one of the most prominent Evanston businessmen, Robert Reece. His insurance business is in the same office building as the Chamber. Very sharp dresser.

Squinting is bad for you

And this next picture is pretty dark, but take a look at the length of the tie worn by Jonathan, a waiter at Carnivale down in the city. It looks like he’s wearing a vest, but in reality, all the staffers wear their ties really short, and tuck the tail into their shirts. I probably wouldn’t wear it to work, but it looked pretty classy. It’s definitely a way to keep soup off of one’s tie.

I can’t remember if I said I would do Paisley Tie Week this coming week, or the week thereafter. I guess it’ll depend on my m&m (mood & memory) tomorrow when I’m getting dressed.

Thanks for reading…Brooke



3 Responses to “Tielence is golden”

  1. Ginger Moore Says:

    How about, “Tie-monds Are a Girls Best Friend”

  2. Ginger Moore Says:

    At the risk of becoming “SPAM”……another thought for this one:

    Lucy In the “Tie” with Diamonds

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